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“You are doing awesome work!  We are really excited to see our vision come to life with your help”…

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“When my non-profit needed a 30 second video commercial I turned to Mosaic Media Productions and I was impressed with the quality of the final product as well as the service I received during the production of the video.”…

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“We heard from our client and they were pleased with the videos.  I think Mosaic really delivered.  You can add me to your list of satisfied customers”…

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“I just got back from showing the video you did.  They loved it (my attorney, the rehab counselor, the opposing counselor and the court). Again, thank you for everything you do.”…

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Christian Video Production

In the last 10 years I have seen major changes in the way that information can be spread to nearly the entire world.  In one day news can be spread to more homes throughout the world that ever dreamed imaginable.  In the last 6 thousand years nothing like this was ever thought possible.  God has built for us new channels, strategies, resources and mediums to use.  Today with one click from your home you can impact different cultures and distant souls.  The one question that constantly comes to my mind is; are we equipped for the job?

Are we producing and spreading the Gospel using 21st century tools, such as television and  Internet do we still think that using magnetic tapes and our church pulpits will get the job done?  In Jesus’ day entertainers and preachers always used creative ways to stand out. The most important one was traveling to locations where crowds were gathered. Today crowds gather in homes in front of televisions and computer screens for entertainment and information in the 21st century.  The church has separated the crowd from her messages by not going to those locations. Of the few Christian television resources that are out there, most appear fake, hokey, and melodramatic and are not very appealing to the unbeliever.


Are we using the right tools for reaching out to the billions of televisions and computers of those people who would never darken the door of a church?  Are we using creative, colorful, attractive ways that stand out and are expected by this culture?  Or does our gospel presentation look black and white in a world of almost limitless color. Do we still expect people to come to us instead of doing what Jesus said and taking the Gospel to a lost and dying world?

The Gospel is alive and well and should not be stuck in a time warp.  We should be using all of the new technological tools that are at our disposal.  If we settle for less, then we are not giving God our best.  We are asking Him to settle for something that is second rate and presenting an already compromised message.

We believe that God is moving in a mighty way through the arts and media. When God calls us to something, He also partners us with the right people to help bring it to completion.

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